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The WEBSITES use own and third-party cookie files..

Cookie files and similar technologies, such as web beacons or bugs (hereinafter jointly referred to as “COOKIES”), are physical text files stored in the USER’s device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.). They are associated to that device alone and allow us to gather and retrieve information referring to browsing habits when using said device. more information on cookies

Type and purpose of cookies used on the websites

The WEBSITES use own cookies (sent to the USER’s terminal from equipment or a domain managed by DONOSTIA TURISMO and from which the latter provides its services) and third-party cookies (sent to the USER’s terminal from equipment or a domain managed by an organisation other than DONOSTIA TURISMO). These cookies come in different types:

  • Technical COOKIES:
    These cookies enable the user to browse the WEBSITES and to use the different options or services available on them, including those used to allow management and operation of the WEBSITES and to enable their functions and services. This includes, for example, controlling data traffic and communication, identifying the session, access to restricted areas, remembering the items making up an order, proceeding with a purchasing process, managing payment, controlling fraud connected to safety of the service or submitting a request to register or participate in an event.

  • Preference or personalisation COOKIES:
    These cookies make it possible to remember information so that the USER can access the service with a series of predefined characteristics potentially differentiating their experience from that of other USERS, such as the language, the number of results to be shown when the user makes a search, the appearance or content of the service according to the type of browser used or the region from which they access the service.

  • Analysis or measurement COOKIES:
    These cookies allow their manager to follow-up and analyse USER behaviour on the WEBSITES; this includes a quantitative measurement of the impact of advertisements. The information collected by means of this type of COOKIES is used to measure activity of the WEBSITES with a view to making improvements according to the results of analysing the data on the use made by the USERS.

  • Behavioural advertising COOKIES:
    These cookies store information on the behaviour of USERS obtained from the continued observation of their browsing habits; this means that a specific profile can be developed for the purposes of showing them advertising. 

Cookies used on the websites

Technical 0d53200f7578469d12ddd129ae797c1b Saves the last language used to browse the website 1 year


0bbbe7879fb760b697ea3294e5627bcf Saves the last language used to browse the website 1 year
93f92efb7b34b230523e5905d0f9d4d9 Saves the last language used to browse the website 1 year
laravel_session Identifies a session instance for the user during their active visit to the WEBSITE. 2 hours
_pk_testcookie Checks if the user's browser allows cookies 1 min.
MATOMO_SESSID Random number used to avoid CSRF security problems. 14 days
Preferences or personalisation sst-shop-no-mostrar-modal-descuentos-tienda Remembers when the user has selected the ‘don’t show again’ option for the modal in the website shop 500 days
klaro-rgpd Identifies whether the USER has accepted the cookies policy and thereby prevent the initial information message from appearing again 2 years
piwik_ignore, mtm_consent y mtm_consent_removed Identify whether the user allows themselves to be tracked through Matomo or not undefined


Third-party cookies

Technical LinkedIn recent_history Remembers the URLs visited by the guest to show the pages where they left off 90 days More info
bscookie Saves the 2FA status of a registered user 2 years
bcookie Identifies the devices accessing LinkedIn and detects abuse on the platform 2 years
fcookie Establishes that a user is a person and not a bot Sesión
fid Monitors malicious activity on the site 7 days
AddThis _atuvc Enables use of the social media sharing functionality. 13 months More info
_atuvs 30 min.
loc 13 months
uvc 13 months
Twitter muc Enables use of the social media sharing functionalities on the WEBSITE. 710 days More info
personalization_id 20 months
guest-id 20 months
YouTube VISITOR_INFO1-LIVE Estimates the bandwidth required to reproduce videos through YouTube. 2 years More info
  Test-cookie Checks whether the USER’s browser accepts cookie use. 1 year
Preference or personalisation Google CONSENT Saves information such as consent to use cookies and preferred language when showing research results 20 years More info
Analysis or measurement Google
_ga Registers a unique identifier which is used to generate statistical data on the use made of the WEBSITE by the USER 2 years More info

Registers a unique identifier which is used to generate statistical data on the use made of the WEBSITE by the USER

24 hours
_gat Limits the number of requests 24 hours
_dc_gtm Limits the number of requests 1 min.
_utma Recognises users and sessions 2 years
_utmb Identifies new sessions or visits 30 min.
_utmt Limits the number of requests 10 min.
_utmz Stores the campaigns and traffic sources explaining how the visitor arrived at the WEBSITE 6 months
Analysis or measurement Matomo _pk_id Register a unique identification that is used to generate statistical data about the use of the WEBSITE by the USER. 13 months More info
_pk_ref Record user attribution data. 6 months
_pk_ses, _pk_cvar, _pk_hsr Temporarily records data about the user's session. 30 min.
Analysis or measurement LinkedIn aam_uuid Establishes ID sync for Adobe Audience Manager 25 days More info
lidc Enables data centre selection 1 day
lissc Enables data centre selection 1 year
Indicates the start of a session for Adobe Experience Cloud session
Behavioural advertising Facebook _fbp
Enables third-party advertising based on the USER’s browsing habits. 3 months More info
  Google AID Analyses the USER’s reaction to the third-party advertising enabled and enables personalised advertising. 1 year More info
    NID 6 months
    _gcl_au 3 months
    IDE 1 year
  LinkedIn UserMatchHistory LinkedIn Ads ID syncing 30 days More info
  Dataxu / Roku wfivefivec Monitors advertising and multimedia 13 months More info


Google Analitycs

The WEBSITES use Google Analytics, a website analytics service developed by Google which enables DONOSTIA TURISMO to know how USERS interact with the WEBSITES and to draw up reports on their browsing habits without identifying individual USERS.

The information generated by Google Analytics COOKIES will be directly collected and stored by Google on its own servers. As a result, said capture of information on the use made of its WEBSITES by the USER and determination of the purpose of the processing and use made of the information captured corresponds exclusively to Google, which acts on its own behalf. DONOSTIA TURISMO has absolutely no access to said information, but solely to the aggregate and anonymous information provided to it by Google through its reports.

You can find more information on the COOKIES used by Google and on how your personal data are processed by said organisation in the following links:


Matomo. We use Matomo audience measurement cookies, the sole purposes of which are as set out above, for our sole benefit.

These cookies only produce anonymous statistics and website traffic figures, and do not produce any individual information. At San Sebastián Turismo we anonymize the IPs and do not collect any personal data that allows the user to be identified.

Complements owned by external complement providers

Additionally, the WEBSITES use the following contents or services provided by third-party providers who use COOKIES as necessary elements enabling the USER to access said contents or services and which are governed by their respective cookies policies:


Video viewing tools involving the use of COOKIES, thereby enabling the collection of information on use of the WEBSITES. YouTube uses these COOKIES to collect information on demographics and on the interests of the USER visiting the WEBSITE, as well as on their use and behaviour within the WEBSITES.

You can find more information on how they use COOKIES and their privacy policy 


Services enabling the USER to easily share the content of the WEBSITES on different social media. AddThis uses cookies to collect information on the content shared by the USER. AddThis does not collect personal information, unless explicitly provided. Instead, it assigns a unique ID to the USER, made up of a random combination of numbers and letters used to distinguish between USERS.

You can find more information on how they use COOKIES and their privacy policy

Social media

Services provided by different social media services operators (e.g. Facebook Twitter and LindkedIn) which imply the use of COOKIES enabling the USER to interact with the content of the different social platforms and which are solely generated for the users of said social media.

You can find more information on how they use COOKIES and their privacy policy 


Advertising content management services provided by the ROKU GROUP COMPANY involving the use of COOKIES.

You can find more information on how they use COOKIES and their privacy policy

In any event, please note that DONOSTIA TURISMO has no access to the information collected by means of the above-mentioned third-party COOKIES, except for any aggregate and anonymous information which may be made available by said third parties. The latter are responsible for determining the purpose of the processing and use made of said information.


Acceptance, refusal and withdrawal of consent to use cookies

When the USER accesses any of the WEBSITES for the first time, a notice comes up allowing them to (i) allow the use of COOKIES; (ii) reject the use of COOKIES (except those which are strictly necessary); and (iii) configure their preferences by means of the function included in said notice for this purpose.

Said configuration function can be permanently accessed by the USER through the “Cookies Policy” and will allow them to view, at any time, the type of cookies and their function, to select the COOKIES to be installed according to their preferences, and to withdraw any consent previously given.

Please remember that, if you do accept third-party COOKIES, you will have to delete them from your browser settings or from the system offered by the third party themselves. You can find more information on the subject in the following links: :

The WEBSITES can be accessed with no need for the COOKIES option to be activated. This said, refusing or uninstalling COOKIES may mean that access to certain contents and the use of some services made available to the USER through the WEBSITES won’t function properly.


Data protection

All data processing carried out by DONOSTIA TURISMO as a result of using its own COOKIES will be governed by the stipulations of the legal information

You can find information on international transfers to third countries which may be carried out by the third parties identified in this “Cookies Policy” and on all further aspects related to how the latter process your data in their corresponding privacy policies (see the links provided in the Section on third-party COOKIES).