Miramar Palace

Palacio Miramar

Situated in front of La Concha bay, this ensemble in the style of an English “cottage” is the most outstanding sea-front building in San Sebastian, dividing the beaches of Ondarreta and La Concha.

The Miramar Palace was designed in 1889 by the English architect Selden Wornum, and was built in 1893 by order of the Spanish royalty on its extensive area of land.

Today it is a venue that is open to all kinds of events. In summer it becomes the headquarters of the Summer Courses of the University of the Basque Country, and its interior offers rooms of different sizes for the organising of meetings or congresses. Although it inherits an architectural style from the 19th century, its technological infrastructure is kept right up to date in order to satisfy any need.

RoomNatural lightM 2HeightCapacity

80 m2  4,6 m  25 Theatre
30 Banquet
35 Cocktail
Royal Dining Room

120 m2  4,6 m  100 Theatre
100 Banquet
125 Cocktail
South Hall

76 m2  4,6 m  60 Theatre
50 Banquet
60 Cocktail
Petit Salon

80 m2  4,6 m  50 Theatre
50 Banquet
60 Cocktail
Julio Caro Baroja Room

180 m2  3,5 m 195 Theatre
No Banquet
No Cocktail
White Room

93 m2  4,6 m 70 Theatre
60 Banquet
80 Cocktail
Wood Room

87 m2  4,6 m 60 Theatre
60 Banquet
80 Cocktail
Music Room

120 m2  4,6 m 100 Theatre
100 Banquet
125 Cocktail

Catering: Non-exclusive



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