Chillida Leku Museum


A universal sculptor born in San Sebastian, Eduardo Chillida worked in industrial furnaces to forge a career that was full of questions and that led him to win practically every award available to a sculptor. The Chillida Leku museum revolves around the 16th-century Zabalaga farmhouse remodelled by the sculptor himself, preserving its magnitude and essence.

The extensive gardens that surround it are home to a collection of 40 pieces of different shapes and sizes.

Outstanding features

The open-plan atrium, a versatile and multifunctional area of almost 2000 m2 for large events.

Maximum capacity

• Zabalaga farmhouse: 100 people
• Meeting room: 80 people
Cocktail and dining:
• Cocktail: 80 people
• Reception: 46 people
• Outdoor area: 1.500 people
Lurra Café


Photo Gallery

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