Founded in 1908, today it is one of the most modern oceanographic museums in Europe. It is home to a total of 7,000 fish of 47 different species and has a large oceanarium with a 360° tunnel. In addition to being an aquarium, it also houses an exhibition that helps explain and contextualise the maritime and marine history of Gipuzkoa and San Sebastian.

Outstanding features

The Aquarium-Tour Route area covering 4,000 m2 on three floors and dominated by the tunnel which has a total length of 18 metres.

Maximum capacity

Banquet: 150 people
Cocktails: 400 people
Catering: Bokado Catering


Photo gallery

Auditorio Aquarium Aquarium exterior desde mar Tunel Aquarium con mesas Tunel Aquarium con mesas Sala Nautilus Sala T