Miramar Palace


A spectacular palace in the style of an English “cottage” located in front of La Concha bay. The Miramar Palace was built in 1893 at the request of the Spanish royalty, who spent their summers in San Sebastian. The palace was designed by the English architect Selden Wornum and its gardens are the work of the master gardener Pierre Ducasse.

The palace stands out for its history and architecture and above all for the views from its garden and the natural viewpoint looking over the bay and Santa Clara Island. For years it was the summer residence of Queen María Cristina until the city council acquired it in 1973.

Outstanding features

Noble areas that remain faithful to their original arrangement, such as the White Room, the Music Room, the Wood Room, the Petit Salon, the Library and the Royal Dining Room

Maximum capacity

Banquet: 420 people
Cocktails: 700 people
Catering: non-exclusive


Photo gallery

Palacio Miramar vista aérea Salón de Música Comedor Real Sala Julio Caro Baroja Salón Petit Sala de Prensa Hall Pabellón del Principe Salón Santa Clara Montaje cena de gala